Marx's Square

As the political tension in Logos rose to a boiling point radical socialist factions rose up against the government and seized part of Utopia for their own, naming the section they captured after Marx's Square. A great number of debates and "negotiations" were held, with countless philosophers captured and brainwashed by the other side. Eventually the two agreed on a cease fire and have spent the last several years officially at "war" doing little more than spy and keep an eye out for propaganda. The largest faction of the rebels broke off and named themselves Prolaria, they are currently running a strict government in order to keep Logosian spies at bay and propaganda outside their border. Despite the best efforts of both sides however, daring smugglers find new and innovative ways to elude security and run books and treatise across the border. Countless smaller communes have emerged demanding an end to the transition state and freedom for the people, led by Anarchists, Democratic Socialists and Trotskyists.

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