Darwinian Demon

CRE: 1
CHA: 1
CON: 1

HP: 5
Level: -

Memes are the countless ideas given life by philosophers found across Deixis, at first appearing as a whisper in the wind or a lone captioned picture, a Meme can quickly prove that nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come. Usually found in groups, it is only when a meme becomes widespread that it becomes threatening.


Commonly found hovering about where ever slogans can be found, particularly in the Global Village and Logosian Cyberspace. They come in various strains with their own unique abilities, the most infamous of which is Schrödinger's lolcat.


Selfish Gene - Passive
For each other Meme that falls in combat, a Meme gains +1 to all stats, to a maximum of 10.

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