Meta Ad Infinitum

Name: Head Developer, Editor in Chief and Iron Fisted Dictator of the DnDis Project, Meta Ad Infinitum
Level: Godly, as is befitting.
Class: Developer.
Alignment: Chaotic Awesome.
Qualia: Apologetic, Shy, Sarcastic, Tired, Randomly Creative
Skills: Drawing 1, Math 1, Organization -1, Writing 2, Irony 4, Creativity 5, Procrastination 6
Draw shitty sketches
Write Mediocre stuff
Have Random Idea
Disorganize shit
Put Stuff off
Apologize for putting stuff off.
Put apologizing for putting stuff off off.


Hey, I'm the creator of this wiki and the guy with enough spare time to burn to keep this project going. I came by just in time to witness the death of alpha, before jumping at the chance to help pioneer Beta (as well as some less successful attempts inbetween). I left for a while and came back to see it was dead, felt partially responsible and soon enough my guilt turned from running a last campaign to a full blown attempt at reviving the damned thing. Right now, I'm building this thing on hope, dreams and pure determination, most of which were stolen from orphans.

Anyway, I'm here now working my ass off and looking for people to drop the load on for ideas, editing and inspiration give input and opinions on the content.

Darkest Secret: I have absolutely no idea what I am even doing.

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