Derived from "Death-Bearer", the city has many figurative names such as Lethe, Limbo and Sheol. Necrius is more a tomb then a city; the home of wayward souls who have not yet left behind their burdens and transcended to the afterlife. The City itself is shaped rather like a pyramid, littered with the bodies of former inhabitants, entrance and escape from the pyramid are possible only though a single, large front gate that takes many to operate. However, this is little matter as few inside the city have any wish to leave.

This drabness and boredom have turned many of the city's inhabitants into Lastmen. Philosophical Zombies are also common when a lost soul finds itself detached from the body. Gods of the Underworld often find themselves residing here, from Angels to Hades himself can be found inside these walls. The souls, or minds [depending on your own view point] often leave the pyramid when they have over come their personal burdens that have caused them to cling to Deixis.

More scientifically minded Deixians dismiss it as a mild form of Imagination or an excess of conviction that allows a person's consciousness exist past the death of the body as long as they have the conviction and will to do so.

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