The trading and transport hub of Logos, all imports, exports, and immigration eventually passes through Nova. A massive floating city, it has no fixed position, but seems to stay to the center of Logos. The towers rising above and through the web-like outer buildings of Nova are not, in fact, buildings, they are incredibly huge mass drivers used to launch shuttles into the upper atmosphere. It is said that if all the mass drivers were to be shot off at once, then the collective force would override Nova's massive anti-gravity engine (which occupies the entirety of it's lowest level), and crash Nova into the ground. Ironically, for a transport and trade hub, the inhabitants of Nova quite often prefer seclusion to company, but instead of crippling the transportation that courses through Nova, it enhances it, since all vehicles, traders, and such temporary visitors are sent on their way quickly, politely, and efficiently, so the citizens don't have to deal with them for too long.

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