The capital of Ethos, Numinos is built upon a massive spire the only means of Entrance is a massive stair case that from the ground looks as if it extends to the heavens.
It is guarded by clergical warriors to prevent spies and intruders from entering, almost anyone but a citizen of Logos may enter, but only the most devout may live there (to live there one must be nominated by a citizen of Numinos and accepted by a high councillor of Numinos based mostly on devotion)theoretically the person's specific philosophy doesn't matter but the city has a disproportionate number of Catholics and Apologists compared to the rest of Ethos.

The town is literally a collection of churches, temples, Cathedrals, monsteries and various places of worship as far as the eye can see. Massive and classic architecture, it is said to be build on the old Minervan city of the same name, though since it has slowly built itself further and further towards the sky beyond what any of its previous occupants could have ever imagined. The architecture has also slowly, very slowly, become more diverse in the region, now with areas of Tianese and Saraswatian design. There are some who consider this an eyesore and others who consider this progress. The churches distribute the food and supplies to the citizens and hold complete control of the control of the city.

The city is ruled by the high council made of the leaders of the 15 largest churches in the region, there is also a subcouncil for the leaders of smaller churches. The high council is constitued by 15 holymen, controled largely by the Catholics (6) and Apologists (5), there are also Muslim (2), Buddist (1) and Kantian (1) represententives. The subconcil which has members from many of the churchs who philosophies were not represented by the High council. The High council though officially united, is largely divided between the old guard who constantly work to "Spead" God's word to heathen regions (Logos) and a small new movement that is set on peaceful relations with other nations.
Inside the Head Quarters of the High Council is the Catholic embassy, where the Catholic members listen to the preachings of the Pope, who though technically forbidden to influence the affairs of Ethos the Pope still holds great sway over the council. The Catholics are still a very powerful group with a strong control over the offical Ethos gouvernment, their influence has been decreasing over recent years and many citizens of Ethos both in and outside of Numinos have begun to feel isolated from their gouvernment. Some fear the possibility of a civil war between the moderates and the fundamentalists.

By modern terms, especially when compared to Logos, Ethos takes an eternity to change anything. Unlike in the Domains and Logos where change and progress are near constant, in much of Ethos progress and change are often much more slow and coming. This is most blantant in Numinos, where any significate change is known to take as long as centuries to take any real effect.


-The Embassy of the Sancta Sedes-

The Embassy holds on of the most ancient temples in Sophos, next to council head quaters it is the most impressive building in Numinos. The Cathedral/Embassy looks almost as if it was converted from a castle; it has tall white walls, statues and stain glass windows. The Cardinal who resides inside it, has a massive congrigation, along with several monks, priests and even philosophers who live inside. The Embassy has massive influence over the council, though is not so popular among those who worship other faiths, it could hold out for several weeks in the event of a siege

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