CRE: 0
CHA: 1
CON: 1

HP: 10
Level: 1


CRE: 2
CHA: 2
CON: 2

HP: 20
Level: 3


CRE: 1
CHA: 2
CON: 3

HP: 30
Level: 3


CRE: 1
CHA: 5
CON: 5

HP: 45
Level: 8

Creeping, crawling, counterparts to the Pedants, Obscurants exist for the sole purpose of hording repositories of knowledge, which they use to further pad their massive labyrinth like nests. While Pedants break down knowledge to build their nests, Obscurants do not, as a result their nests look cobbled together and are almost impossible to navigate. Like Pedants, they vary in size and swarm number depending on location, but, like Pedants, no matter where you are, just one is enough to give a philosopher a lasting headache.


Divided into a strict caste system, Obscurants are normally found within their nests, though they can often be found raiding near by libraries for food and building materials. Workers will normally try to summon reinforcements or flee, while Soldiers and Archivists will fight to the death to protect their nest.


Ignotum par Ignotius - Counter Action.
Target: An Ability.
Trigger: An Attack is made.
Roll: 2d6+CHA vs. 9+Level/3.
Effect: an Obscurant may respond to an argument by positing an strange, even ridiculous one in response. On success, the attack fails and deals [the caster's] CRE damage to the user. On a failure, the Obscurant suffers and additional [the caster's] CRE damage and must skip his next turn and may not use this ability again this round.

Fudge Basis – Standard Action.
Target: None.
Roll: 2d6+CHA vs. 9+Level/3.
Effect: Any Philosophers who fail to pass the roll miss the first turn of combat.

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