P Zombie


CRE: 1
CHA: 4
CON: 1

HP: 20
Level: 3

The P-Zombie is a creature that acts, looks and feels exactly like a normal human, except that they have no conscious experience. These foul abominations, whilst individually weak, tend to swarm together with a single goal - devouring the qualia of the conscious and zombifying them.


Fairly common within Ethos, they are often left in secluded villages or castles that failed to fight off an outbreak. They are aggressive towards philosophers and will attempt to assimilate them.


Devour qualia - Passive
Target: Self
Effect: Whenever the P-Zombie attacks a non-zombie character, that character loses one quale. These qualia are regained the next day. In addition, if a character is defeated by a p-zombie while they have no qualia, then they become a p-zombie.

Selfless- Passive
Target: Self
Effect: P-Zombie cannot be forced to pass its turn or be harmed by on going damage.

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