The Land that Exiled Science

An Island populated almost entirely by Anti-Intellectuals. Once a scientist's utopia, (They had entered the Industrial Era back when Sophos was still smithing ontological arguments) until the Ordered Revolution, a thousand years ago, led by the prophet known to history only as Greyface. Since then the island manages to exist almost trapped in time, with virtually no change or advancement, Greyface's belief in pure order has become the major religion of the island. Pure Order rejects any new ideas or advancements seeing them as chaotic and destructive. The City states of this Island have formed the Greater Order, that maintains order in virtually all things, including the wars. However, the City of Bohemia resisted the revolution for 300 years before finally being defeated by more physical measures. Since then scattered Bohemian tribes have wandered the land protecting what little they see remains of beauty and uniqueness left in society, they are seen as the Serious Order's greatest enemies. On This Island, Physical attacks are capable of killing opponents.


-The Wilderness-

Whatever little of it remains is protected fiercly by their Bohemian inhabitants as one of the last areas of beauty in the continent. Few Order Members approach these areas, though when they do they usually come in parties of 2 to 5.


Strictly organized and layed out, with small population density, Bohemians have been known to launch raids into these areas.


These massive cities are the realm of Greyface, things like beauty and philosophy are seen as useless and meaningless here, arguments get weaker deeper into the city, in the center of a metropolis anything of a philosophical nature is immediately neutralized, Some powerful philosophers are known to actually become physically weak even collapsing.



Most of them are more aesthetic than scientific, they hold with them the last grains of philosophy though largely diluted through myths and other strange concepts long abandoned on Sophos. Composed majorically of Discordians, survivors from all philosophies have joined arms with them. Anyone who plays as a Bohemian must have higher natural and final CHA higher than their CRE.

-The Metropolis Resistance-

Rumours have been spreading of small but persistant hacker groups inside various cities under Order control. Their capabilities seem rather limited and little is known about them, but they have managed to maintain a resistance through digital means, disrupting Order actions whenever possible. Refered to as TMR (pronounced Tremor) most shrug off their existance as mere rumours.


Order members as well as other Philistines populate the majority of the Palaeoc, and are known to attack Philosophers and other free thinkers on sight. Neo-luddites exist on the frontier supplying the Order with food and other supplies in exchange for claim over currently undeveloped southern half of the island.

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