A committee of merchants and business owners from various cities across the Domains, Pathos is more an organisation than a government. However this organisation has been the only group to successfully arrange any sort of unity between city states in Deixis. The InterPhilosophical Trade Commission forms much of the diplomatic and law enforcement core of the Pathosian government; they decide whether one can set up shop in the town and control any shady deals going on in the city.

There are three distinct groups in the IPTC; the Speakers, Merchants, and Repoes. The Merchants are in charge of deciding whether a philosopher can get a shop in town, and if they agree that the said philosopher can, during the philosopher's wanderings in town, he'll stumble upon a building with his store set up inside already; to decide who is worthy of the shop, Merchants get the Speakers.

Speakers are basically private investigators under the employ of the Merchants, who walk the streets getting information on potential business owners; they roam the world of DnDis digging up dirt on newer businesses and finding out whether there are any outstanding warrants or bounties on the seedier people inside the Village. Most Speakers tend to be Humanists or Existentialists, because of their fairly benign and accepting beliefs, they have free reign and can visit any of the major cities to pick up information and investigate criminal misuse of philosophy.

Repoes are a sect of Discordians that have the supposed ability to converse with Page 00069, and use their abilities to make buildings and areas unreachable; No one is quite sure how Repoes get in touch with Page 00069, but it works, so they are used. They are treated as an elite defensive force capable of holding off a Logos or Ethos invasion and will only be called upon in the gravest of times.

Finally, when short handed as they often are, Merchants and Speakers will often hire out adventuring philosophers or even offer lesser offenders probation in exchange for their services. Many young adventurers get their start this way.

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