CRE: 1
CHA: 0
CON: 1

HP: 10
Level: 1


CRE: 3
CHA: 1
CON: 2

HP: 20
Level: 3


CRE: 2
CHA: 1
CON: 3

HP: 30
Level: 3


CRE: 5
CHA: 1
CON: 5

HP: 45
Level: 8

Creeping, crawling, insectile creatures, Pedants exist for the sole purpose of breaking down repositories of knowledge through exploiting tiny differences in meaning, and using the resulting mush to pad the walls of the nests in which they dwell. They vary in size and swarm number depending on location, but no matter where you are, just one is enough to give a philosopher a lasting headache.


Divided into a strict caste system, Pedants are normally found within their nests, though they can often be found raiding near by libraries for food and building materials. Workers will normally try to summon reinforcements or flee, while Soldiers and Archivists will fight to the death to protect their nest.


Shriek of Protest - Counter Action
Target: An Ability.
Trigger: An Attack is made targeting an ally.
Effect: a Pedant may interrupt an attack by pointing out minor errors, redirecting the attack away from his comrades and towards himself. The sheer noise is disruptive enough that it dispels any ongoing effect caused by an Ability through vehement sonic deconstruction.

Prescriptive Pheromones – Standard Action
Target: None.
Effect: Since Pedants have a hard time communicating effectively even with each other due to their nature, Pedants in D&Dis have evolved pheromones to designate targets, foodstuffs, and the like. When the Pedant uses this ability, you roll a die. If it comes up 4 or lower, a new Worker appears in combat. If it comes up 5 or 6, a Soldier appears.

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