Plato's Republic

Created ages ago with the Cave, located with in the Ancient Hills of the Domains, The Republic has some strange powers; upon entering, a medallion appears upon the philosopher's chest, made of a certain type of metal; either Iron, Bronze, Silver, or Gold. The metal medal tell of the character's mettle; your status in the city is based on this. Basically, depending on what type of metal one carries around his neck, he has to obey those with a higher class than others; having an iron medal makes one laborer, and strips the philosopher of most of his abilities, while having a Gold medal turns the philosopher into one of the Philosopher Kings of the Republic, and greatly boosts the Philosopher's skills and abilities, to a near godlike state while within the Republic. Philosophers are very careful about entering the Republic, because it's been known to be notoriously difficult to leave.

The Republic is kept running by the Noble Lie, a construct kept running by the Philosopher Kings; it hands out the medals, and decides who becomes what class. There have been recent rumours of Philosopher Kings leaving the Republic and bringing bits of the Noble Lie with them, trying to recreate it in new cities, but it has been unsuccessful.

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