CRE: 3
CHA: 1
CON: 0

HP: 15
Level: 2

No one is quite sure of the intent of the Poe, but they straddle the line between Monster and Mockery. They wander between worlds in during twilight and will disappear once it becomes fully night or day. They all carry lanterns and seek out Philosophers. The problem is once they find the philosophers they tend to drain the Conviction from them. A Poe’s CON score is always zero.


Usually found during twilight or dimly lit rooms, they can be found on edge of areas built around parodies or fundamentalist modes of thought. Most philosophers should take their appearance as a warning that they are entering a dungeon.


Uncertain Nature - Counter Action.
Target: An Ability.
Trigger: An Attack is targeting the Poe.
Roll: Flip a coin.
Effect: As most adventurers are uncertain of the Poe’s true nature, it is difficult to attack them. On a success, the attack heals the Poe [This may exceed the Poe’s maximum health]

Common knowledge

Poes tend to appear for only brief moments of time and have a tendancy to be incredibly inconsistant, trying to hunt or track them usually ends in tears.

Poes often carry replicas of Diogenes Lantern that serve to find honest men.

Certain Hipsters will purchase the souls of Poes which they enjoy ironically in exchange for empty jars.

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