As far as the Positivists are concerned, there is no knowledge beyond scientific knowledge. Perpetual study and verification with an empirical mind set is the main concern of the Positivist. In the D&Dis universe, they tend to be the lone, quiet, yet quick to temper person who can't stand the other party members. However, they tend to come along because of their great fighting skills and their powerful abilities. Naturally, Charisma is completely unimportant, and Credibility is essential to the Positivist.

Affinity: Credibility


Class Quale
Scientific Rigor: The Positivist, by nature, approaches any and all situations with a strict adherence to the scientific method, no matter how inappropriate it may seem. This allows them to, 3 times a day, half the difficulty of an out of combat Credibility check. But due to the awkward situations this devotion to science causes, doubles the difficulty of any out of combat Charisma check the Positivist must make.

Rank 1
Comtism: The Positivist attempts to make the enemy to reconsider their metaphysical beliefs by testing them with a purely empirical mindset, forcing the enemy to make a Conviction check. If the enemy succeeds, then they consider the Positivist's proposition ridiculous and flawed, and the attack only deals half the hit levels of damage (rounded down). If the enemy fails, though, their beliefs are shaken to the core, and the Damage bonus added to the attack is doubled.

Rank 3
I'll Do Science To It! : In order to test any theories about the enemies at hand, the Positivist decides to conduct some very invasive and painful experiments on a number of enemies equal to his or her Damage bonus. The Positivist then proceeds about attacking normally, though the damage is applied to all enemies selected.

Detective O'Hara: What did that Positivist interrogator say he was going to do?
Policeman: He said he'd “do science” to the suspect.
Detective O'Hara: Damnit! The last time he did that, it took us two weeks to clean up all the blood!
-From tv series Law and Positivism (created by John Austin)

Rank 4
Techno-Utopianism: The Positivist explains to the enemy how technology and it's implementation can lead to a perfect society. The target is awestruck by the wonders of modern technology, and the Positivist's Credibility rank is added to the progressive damage dealt.

Everything's Reducible: The Positivist tries to convince the enemy that all emotional and mental processes are reducible to some simple physical event, and must make a Credibility check. If the
Positivist succeeds, then the target loses a number of hit levels equal to half their (the target's) Conviction, but the Positivist must also take damage equal to that of the enemy's. If the check fails, though, nothing happens.

Rank 6
Unified Science: The Positivist begins to construct an argument that draws from all branches of science, and must make a Credibility check. If the Positivist succeeds, then they add the half the sum of their ranks in all science-related skills to the damage dealt as a modifier. If they fail the check, though, they forget what it is their arguing against in the first place, and must wait till their next turn to try the check again. The studies are so numerous that it takes two turns to complete, meaning that they start one turn, and the attack lands the next.

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