Quale are unique characteristics of your character, described by a single word, that other characters and the GM can use as hooks. For example, is your character Tiny? Enormous? An Atheist? You can list these things here.

Currently Quale don't have to have any particular effects but instead simply serve as descriptors of the character. However, common sense can be applied when using them to offer the player circumstantial bonuses or penalties to rolls, short philosophers may have a more difficult time reaching cookie jars but be able to hide easier, cyborg philosophers may have difficulty swimming though water but do not have to worry as much about physical fatigue, and so on. If players who can think of new and interesting ways to apply these qualia, may be given bonuses accordingly, though for the most part they should stay out of combat.

Players should pick three to five quale per character to give people an idea of what their character is like. More can be added or removed on as the character develops should the GM and player both agree.

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