Politics in the Federation of Philosophical Along-Getting, or the SJK (Scia Je Kooperaciojn in the neutral language Guessperanto), is made complicated by the fact that the "along-getting" only occurs because there tends to be a party for every issue and a place in the government for every party. This is in part due to the intenesely complicated instant-runoff voting (IRV) system in place, in which candidates are compared by the number of topological defects in each voting slip that occur in their favor relative to the full rotation group of the other candidates, according to the official government website. Each year, therefore, a team of mathematicians is elected to count the votes for the next year by the voters from the previous year, a system that is clearly absolutely free of any kind of corruption.

In spite of all the disagreement, the government is quite close-knit on almost every "closed" issue, which from an outside perspective is almost every issue. This is because in spite of all their arguing and mutual hatred within members of the federation, they all pretty much believe the exact same thing. If there were any minority, it would be a classic case of tyranny of the majority.

This election season (called every bilunar eclipse, roughly every six years), however, change it is a-happening. Over the past decade, the elves, a racial group consisting of very very sexy people, have been immigrating en masse to nations around and including the SJK, enticed by the very very sexy economic opportunities. The native humans and orcs, the native racial groups of the SJK (further subdivided by member state, such that each state calls itself its own race), realizing how ugly they were compared to the elves, obviously did not like this. To further complicate matters, the elves brought with them radical political ideas, such as raising the energy tax by 3% instead of 2.5% and sharing subsidies between the majority Zoroastrian and Wiccan churches and the elves' native Zen-Shinto church.

Political Philosophies

Perhaps more importantly, however, the elves and a growing native progressive movement stand to tip the balance of the current political status quo by voting for the PTH (Partico TrancHjumana), the Transhumanist party, which seeks to better mankind by turning them into sexy time-travelling robots. One policy that many have found particularly controversial is the so-called Progressive policy, which proposes that the entire nation simultaneously time-travel 20 years into the future to "get back to modernity", however that works.

The countermovement to the elves and progressives is the POS (Partico Objxeksxunabela), the Objective-Social (Objekshunable) party, which seeks to better mankind by leaving them alone, then time-travelling the economy 100 years into the past by returning to railroads and the platinum-standard.

And there are several moderate parties: the ATT or Anti-Time-Travel party is a one-issue party seeking to outlaw time travel of any economic system or population.
The PO, or Objectivist party, is slightly less nuts than the POS in that they support progressive politics but more nuts in that they still want to time-travel the economy back 100 years and the sense of decency back 1000 years.
The Greens, who want to make all elves wear green so that the orcs don't stand out so ugly-ly.
The Reds, who want to make the Zoroastrian and Wiccan churches the official churches of the country, and subsidize the economy under such churches (basically Social Neocons).
And the Reform Party, a fraternity joke gone awry in which no one can predict where a candidate will stand and what he will say. This appeals to many voters.

Current Election

The executive election is perhaps the most important. Three executives sit in the High Council, which makes all executive decisions outside the legislature by majority vote. All three seats are up for reelection this season, and the results may tear the country apart as we know it. The legislative seats and state executive seats are also quite critical, in which for the first time an elf might be elected to the legislature.

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