Skill/class Name

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"Descriptory text explaining both the in-world implications and applications of the skill/class as well as the use of it for the players both in and out of debate."
- Philosopher's Guide to Adventuring/Deixis/Ethos/Logos/whatever. You may add chapters after it, edition names before it and anything else, to make it look academic.

Special rule #1 (Like class stats)

Special rule #2 (Like special qualia)

Rank 1
[Ability name]
Ability type - [standard/free/counter (+ ongoing)]
[In-world description of the ability as an action performed by the philosopher and the intent, but not the effect.]
Target: [Self/opponent/whatev.]
Effect: [Description of the game effect of the ability]
{[Flavour text. Optional, but preferred] -[Author of flavour text]}


Rank 1
Standard Action, Ongoing
The philosopher alters his speech, clearly pronounces the important parts and mumbles the fallacies, to make his point seem more valid than it is.
Target: Self
Effect: Add +2 to CRE for CHA/2 turns. Does not stack.
It's not what you say; it's how you say it. -Anonymous

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