“Knowledge is what a Philosopher knows about the world around him. This allows him to refute unsubstantiated claims that others make and defend the faculty from wilder theories. As skeptics are quick to point out, Knowledge and belief have many common characteristics; therefore those who rely on their Knowledge more than their logic tend to have heavy leanings towards Conviction”.
- Ethos Edition of Philosopher’s Guide to Sophos, Chapter 4: Advocates and Arguments

Rank 1
Statistically Speaking…
Counter Action
The philosopher pours out some numbers, percentages and relations to reduce the significance of his opponents actions.
Target: Self
Trigger: You are defending against an attack
Effect: Instead of rolling 1d6+CON for your defence, you may choose to take 4+CON.

Rank 2
Trivia Buff
Counter Action
The Philosopher is so well versed in tidbits of information, that they can actually reinforce their position from their enemy's error.
Target: Self
Effect: Whenever your defense completely negates an enemy attack, the enemy's automatic defense for the next round is negated. This is ineffective when the attack damage is zero or the attack did not hit you.
But still in matters vegetable, animal and mineral
I am the very model of a modern major-general
-Glibert and Sullivan

Rank 3
Insufferable Genius
Standard Action
Nobody likes a besserwisser. No, really. You shouldn't even think of being one.
Target: Self
Effect: All abilities, attacks or other actions that target one of your allies during the next round are redirected to you. You may not use any other abilities until the beginning of your next turn.
I don’t know the answer; I haven’t thought about it. - So-Young Pi
I know the answer; what’s the question? - Sidney Coleman

Rank 4
Standard Action
Extensive knowledge of Arguments removes the sting from those of your opponents.
Target: Self
Effect: Until the end of your next turn, you are unaffected by the damage caused to you by the enemy's CRE.

Rank 5
Standard Action, Summon
Everyone, who has passed through academic schooling, has a secret stash of old, important books. These can be called upon in times of need.
Target: None
Effect: The caster summons up a wall of craggy old text books. Before attacking you or your allies, enemies must destroy the wall. The Wall has HP equal to half that of the summoner, it may not defend or be defended. May only be used once per encounter.

Rank 6
Standard Action
You don't really know anything until you've really gone back and taught it yourself. Now, use your hard work to show off your knowledge to others.
Target: Self
Effect: You may repeat one ability that is restricted to once per encounter. It doesn't aply to this ability. Use once per encounter
-Where did you learn to do that?

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