“Some philosophers believe that logic fails to truly apply to people and that abstract ideas do not influence people as much as their emotions. There are others who are willing to take full advantage of that fact. This is called manipulation, and it tends to get a bad reputation for accepting logical fallacies and playing with people’s minds rather than proving them wrong. It remains, none the less, a very effective measure”.
- Ethos Edition of Philosopher’s Guide to Sophos, Chapter 4: Advocates and Arguments

Rank 1
Guilt Trip
Standard Action, Ongoing
[need description]
Roll: 2d6+CHA vs. 9+Level/3
Target: One opponent
Effect: Deal 3 damage to target for CHA/2 turns. This may not be cast again until the previous effect expires.
It's all your fault!

Rank 2
Evoke Pity
Counter Action
[need description]
Target: Anyone
Roll: 2d6+CHA vs. 9+Level/3
Trigger: You are targeted by an attack
Effect: Rather than defend, you may cast evoke pity. On success, Target defends the caster, this consumes the target's and Caster's defense for the remainder of the turn. On failure, this consumes the user must pass his turn and cannot defend for the rest of the round or the next. May not be used on someone who has already consumed their defense.

Rank 3
Playing the Victim
Standard Action
[need description]
Target: Self
Effect: If you are under 25% of your maximum HP, you may not be targeted this turn. This may not be used two turns in a row.

Rank 4
Standard Action
[need description]
Target: Self and ally
Effect: Attack targeted ally and heal yourself for the same amount.
He did it!

Rank 5
Standard Action
[need description]
Target: One opponent
Roll: 2d6+CHA vs 12+Level/3
Effect: Give target a +1 boost to CRE and CON for CHA/3 turns. During this time, you become an ally to the target, if you weren't before, and they cannot target you unless you attack them.
Flattery will get you everywhere -Mae West

Rank 6
Inspire Jealousy
Standard Action
[need description]
Target: One ally
Roll: 2d6+CHA vs 10+Level/3
Effect: On success, you may convince an ally to attack a target of your choice during your turn. If the ally targets another ally, the two become hostile towards each other.
O, beware, my lord, of jealousy
It is the green-eyed monster which doth mock
The meat it feeds on
-William Shakespeare

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