Solipsists are creatures who beleive that they are the only things that exist. They are especially dangerous because, due to the philosophical auras that exist within the world of dungeons and discourse, if you kill one, you cease to exist. The only the way to properly defeat a solipsist is to convince it that things other than it exist.

CRE: 5 CHA: 5 CON: 20

Hit Levels: 7

Attack Damage: (10d6+5)/5

Defence: 3

Special Abilities:
Cognito Ergo Sum-standard action
I think, therefore I am. So, to exist a little more, I just have to think about it!
A solipsist can heal themselves (exist a little more) 5 Hit Levels up to CON/5 times a day.

Self Control-defence action
You can't hurt me! You don't exist!
A solipsist can fully negate an attack up to CON/5 times a day.

Erase-attack action
If I just stop thinking about you, you won't exist!
Roll: 1d20+CRE against DC 20
If the roll succeeds, then target creature ceases to exist. A solipsist can only use this ability once per day.

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