CRE: 1
CHA: 5
CON: 2

HP: 1
Level: 5

Philosophers dreaming they are butterflies dreaming that they are philosophers dreaming that they are butterflies.


Found fluttering about where ever there are those doubting the reality around them, they are not inherently aggressive but rather tend to be curious and simply put philosophers asleep on contact. They will not pursue fleeing philosophers and are generally considered warning that more dangerous solipsists are about.


Butterfly dream – Standard action
Target: One opponent
Roll: 2d6+CHA vs. 2d6+CHA
Effect: On a success, the target falls asleep and becomes a somnambutterfly.

All Just a Dream – Passive
Target: Self
Effect: When defeated, the Somnambutterfly falls asleep, and the philosopher who fell asleep awakens.

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