Sophos lies in a unique position in Deixis on the border of both the flat Fantasy lands and the round Ocean of Possibilities.

There are 3 nations on Sophos, Logos is the northern nation, ruled by credibility and science, this heavily forested and jungled area is the true home of science on the continent. In the South is the Country of Ethos, the home of religions of all kinds. Belief rules the southern plains more than any scientific law could. The central lands of The Domains of Discourse are neutral territory, literally, but also possibly the most war-torn area of the continent. Every form of philosophy is found here, and none of them get along, so arguments are frequent, and rare is an argument that doesn't turn into a full blown fight. The law here is what you can enforce for yourself, except in The Global Village, the only stable place in the entirety of the Domains. To the south is the Desert of the Gods, which has the "Moved by Faith" Mountain Range to it's east. The range is to the north, and blocks off passage to Temenos. To the west is the Great Sea of Possibility, and even further West you'll eventually reach the Orient.

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