Welcome to Dungeons and Discourse

Dungeons and Discourse is a philosophy-themed tabletop RPG based on a comic created by Aaron Diaz in his series Dresden Codak. Players create a character based on real-world philosophical schools of thought. Each character class draws upon two basic components to perform actions: charisma and credibility. Philosophies that draw from mystic or supernatural abilities depend more greatly on charisma, while academic or secular schools depend more heavily on credibility. Deixis, the world of Dungeons and Discourse, is one seething with the power of intellectual minds. Set parallel to ours, strength is not based on muscular strength, but rather the ability to persuade and reason. Power from the ancient, mystic forces of charisma, whose forces populate the holy and wild Arete woods, the craggy Daghda Mountains, and the vast cathedral-city of Numinos, and from the credibility-based technophiles, modernists, transhumanists, and other credibles who are ever building their great nation of Utopia. These forces are vastly powerful and insidious, competing for the hearts and minds of the populace – however, the character types played by the players are more likely to be balanced characters, as swinging too far to the side of charisma or credibility can have nasty side effects.

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