Swamp Philosopher

Invisible Gardener

CRE: ?
CHA: ?
CON: ?

HP: ??
Level: ?

Swamp-Philosophers are brought to life through strange quantum anomalies by which the creature’s brain will perfectly emulate that of a peice of intelligent life; perfectly resembling the other brain right down to the memories of the person. So long as they believe they are the original, they resemble their counterpart perfectly; but once they encounter the person whom they are emulating they begin to regress back towards their original form. This confuses them and causes them to become aggressive towards the original.


Typically found near swamps but it is not rare to find Mad Scientists with machines to replicate it effects. Swamp-philosophers are possess all of the personality traits of the original until they encounter the original.


Mimic – Passive.
Target: Anyone
Effect: The Swamp-philosopher takes on the form, memories, skills and stats of the target.

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