Tabula Rasa

Tabula Rasa

CRE: ?
CHA: ?
CON: ?

HP: ??
Level: ?

Tabula Rasas are blank slates found in ancient ruins and reversed engineered by Logos. Now they are a common sight in Logosian labratories and factories, typically programmed to become automatons that work on an assembly line, they are extremely volatile and will activate when a philosopher enters the vicinity.


If found preprogrammed in an abandoned facility, they will be aggressive towards the philosopher. In this case they will likely appear as faceless clay automatons, but they may take on any appearance programmed in. If they are not preprogrammed, then they will lay idle as clay tablets until a philosopher touches them, when they will take on the form and philosophy of the person to touch them.


Quick Learner - Passive
Target: Self
Effect: The Tabula Rasa automatically gains any ability used against it, and possess the average stats of everyone who has attacked or activated it so far.

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