The Beplauged City

Twenty years ago a town in the Domains of Discourse, largely populated with existentialists, suddenly became infested with Last men, no one is quite sure how it happened but quickly they saw much of the town become infected. The survivors managed to push back the Last men, but the Last man gathered outside the town walls and layed siege to the city. The people of the city feel their beliefs under constant strain, most have professed athiesm, while others turn to their Gods in search of hope. Now most of the survivors work together for fear of another attack, but there are still some dead set on escaping regardless of the risks they take for others. With in the town, most things have been rebuilt, though it relies almost entirely on the technology and things they had before the Last men's arrival, everything is severly rationed. Food is kept available by way of the farms inside the city walls, it is just enough to comfortably feed the whole town, with a little extra for storage. Entrance or Exit to the town is near impossible to gain, the front gate is referred to by most of it's citizens as "Huis Clos", however it might be possible to gain entrance by locating a tunnel built by the Underground man.

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