The Domains Of Discourse

The Domains of Discourse are a chaotic realm of city states in loose alliance with the Global Village. Barely holding off Logosian and Ethosian expansion. It serves as something of a loose no man's land for the two. The Domains themselves are widely variable, with no single political agenda or culture, and as a result are home to many a travelling Philosopher.

Notable Locations include-
the Global Village- The most powerful and organized of the city states, it is the center of the Pathosian government which is vital to the resistance against expansion from Logos and Ethos and the only thing capable of maintaining any form alliance between Domain cities.
The Hand Of Narcissus- A Floating Hand only recentingly being explored home to a lost culture of somnambulists
Plato's Republic- A small republic ruled by Philosopher Kings.
Nilocus- A city struck constantly on the edge of the Last Man Plague usually the starting point of expeditions into the plague.
Freedonia- A city ruled by discordians, if anyone can be said to rule it.
Ancient Hills- Home of the reminents of the Old Empires in Sophos
Hamlet- A hamlet among grape fields, main agri-industrial center of the Existentialist wine trade.

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