The Hand Of Narcissus

As everyone knows, every RPG has a floating island of some sort, usually populated by mysterious artifacts and nasty beasties. In Deixis, that particular island would be The Hand Of Narcissus, which distinguishes itself in being shaped like a cupped left palm.
Originally a part of the Domains of Discourse, All the major philosophies rounded up every Solipsist in the continent and brought them to that area, then created a massive construct to keep them away from the rest of humanity. The hand was formed and rose up into the air, and now spends its time floating around in the air above the continent. As time went on, interested parties created devices to reach the island, and proceeded to study the Solipsists without any intervention. What was found was shocking. Previously thought to be mindless monsters, Solipsists were discovered to be just philosophers with extreme ideals. In fact, there was evidence of a faction of solipsists whose aims were to extend their lives, merely to make sure the universe continued to exist. Soon, philosophical bases were made on the island, in the hopes of converting repenting solipsists.
What amazed most philosophers were the works Solipsists make when left to their own devices. Machines of divine elegance, puppet-gods, and pieces of art of such exquisite beauty, that a treasure-hunting market became the main business of the Hand. Some solipsists would let their works to be taken, others would barter out of sheer boredom, and still others would attack as a form of diversion, causing the life of a treasure hunter to be fraught with peril. Only the hardiest of philosophers would become treasure hunters.
The terrain of the hand is rather strange; the palm area is pockmarked with craters, because dying solipsists tend to explode, and it's tradition to die away from all the communities. If a solipsist dies willingly, apparently, there's a much smaller explosion.
The thumb is filled with the regular philosophical communities, and the town Solipsis, where repenting Solipsists go to be converted by competing philosophies. Muslims have a business of pillar-raising and teleporting groups down to the mainland, while Positivists and Transhumans have their own teleporter pad set up. For those with more of an adrenaline fetish, it is possible to rent parachutes, jet packs, and even the most intense bungee jump ever.
The pointer finger makes up the weak Solipsist communities, with a small alpine forest near the finger tip. The finger is mainly peaceful, and is usually willing to barter with other philosophers.
The middle finger has a spring near the top, which has a bafflingly never-ending supply of water. Scientists have tried to study the feature, but the more savage Solipsists make it their home, so it's too dangerous to go near there. The ring finger is barren, except for a glacier that's steadily moving off of the island. It's expected to fall off in the next million years.
The pinky finger is noticeable by the fact that the top joint is missing. Some particularly nasty Solipsists live here, along with some of the most complex pieces of machinery and most beautiful pieces of art. Almost all of the solipsists are of the angry and sociopathic variety, so it's not the best of ideas going near it.

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