The Mathemagipelago

The Mathemagipelago was, in times hence, an ordinary enough tract of islands in a temperate region of Deixis. It was ruled by one Mathemagi and an elaborate aristocracy of his or her Emperimancers, and inhabited by a natural number of citizens. It exported the finest, most-cutting edge mathematical thought, tools of measurement, caculatrixes and abaci, and so on. Also knickknacks, purchased at its famous beaches.
All that changed one (or more or less, it’s hard to say) day(s), when a careless Mathemagus divided the square root of an imaginary number by 0, and blew the entire chain of islands perpendicular to time. It is now ruled by an infinite series of a fraction of every Mathemagi there has ever been or will be (approaching π Mathemagi in total), an arbitrarily large Empirimancy, representing a cross-section of mathematical thought throughout time, and has uncountably infinite inhabitants, though the island’s areas remain finite.
Empirmancers, once generally stationary creatures, were dramatically shaken by the events on their isles. The difficulties of returning to one’s castle to find it occupied by (for example) four different rational fractions of oneself has led unprecedented numbers of them to travel Deixis at large. They have joined the parties of wanderers on that continent, and though they vary enormously, they are universally praised for their remarkable abilities to make something out of nothing.
The government of the Mathimagipelago, despite its peculiarity, is remarkably stable, as it is far too complex in its current form for any national intrigue to take root. However, at the local levels, schemes and counter-schemes proliferate madly. The islands’ unique position has rendered questions of national defense largely moot, though it remains easy to travel there. Indeed, sufficiently skilled Empiricists may do so by repeating the Foolish Mathemagus’s original mistake, which will bring them and those within their carefully drawn parentheses to the Mathemagipelago’s City of Entry, New Arithmetan.
The Mathemagi claim numerous state treasures, such as the Lute of Pythagoras or the Holy Klein Grail, but many of these were lost, stolen, or trapped within their own defenses due to the calamity. Many factions would pay dearly for their recovery.
The beaches remain lovely.

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