The Minervan Empire

The Minervan Empire rose to power because of their great skill in syncretism and organization. After Several hundred years of war among various Sophist Factions, the Minervans were the first to successfully reunite them and the other empires, with exception of the Itzamnian Empire, into their own. They adopted the beliefs of each empire put under their rule, none were they more strongly influenced than the Sophists. Unlike the quick rise to power of the Sophist Empire, The Minervan’s rise to power took place over the course of several generations. However eventually their power gave way to corruption and the Empire fell into decline. Eventually this led the empire to be split in two, between the Holy Minervan Empire and the Northern Minervan Empire. Numinous and Santes Sedes are two of the strongest remaining parts of the Holy Minervan Empire’s legacy. The Northern Minervan Empire was referred to by most outsiders as the Sophian Empire due to its heavy Sophist influence.

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