The Rational Empire

In time not so long past, The Rational Empire was a prosperous nation that dominated the entire eastern expanse of Sophos. The Rational Empire itself was a careful balance of power between three separate movements, the Cartesians, the Spinozans and the Kantians. The Rationals had a prospering trade route a fledgling Logos who was still salvaging what they could from the ruins of the old empires. The Rationals became the voice of reason of the continent, moderating affairs between the ever expanding Ethos and small independent states scattered across the north. Initially supportive of the Sancta Sedes in principle, they became more and more weary of their policy of conversion and expansion. Eventually, they formed a coalition with Logos and the other scattered states against the Sancta Sedes controlled nation of Ethos.

The Great War of Reason

The war lasted years; intense fighting and an ever increasing scale of armies and tactics, eventually wore down both sides. However Sancta Sedes attempted on final gambit, attacking Prius, the Rational’s capital, with all they had left. The attack was successful, bringing the collapse of the Empire, but the remaining armies of Sancta Sedes were weak and tired. The counter attack was inevitable, Logos and it’s newly formed Federation seized the opportunity for a counter attack. Sancta Sedes retreated south, their Empire almost halved in size as Logos solidified their domination of the north. Eventually the site of much of the fighting gave rise to smaller states, some of whom evacuated the now Logos dominated north, others who sought freedom from Santa Sedes, and some who were just there from the beginning, together most of them formed a loose alliance vowing to come to each other’s aid in case of an attack giving birth to the Domains. The results of the war for Ethos left them in dept and severely weakened, most other faiths were weary of the expansion and shocked at the loss, counter movements began and Sancta Sedes’ power fell into decline, much legislation and rebalancing was done as Ethos began to take on a new form.


The remnants of the Ration Empire divided, supporters of the Cartesian movement joined with the now reforming Ethos in hopes of aiding in its counter movements and guiding it towards further moderation. The Kantians remained near the ruins of their former capital in the Domains, attempting to rebuild it and join the city states. The Spinozans moved north and joined their former allies and friends in Logos in hopes of building a prospering nation.

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