To the west of Sophos lies Tian, ironically referred to by some Sophosians still as the Orient from when it was reached by expedition across the fantasy lands. It has a strong policy of isolation that has left it shrouded in myth and legend to the residents of Sophos, and has only begun to once more open its door to travellers. After many wars between the nation states of a hundred separate philosophies, the Daoist fled by ox to the Forests of Wu and the Legalists conquered Tian and banned all philosophy, finally bringing peace. However, the Confucians eventually re-seized power by peaceful means, if only as figureheads, through aristocratic connections. In spite of the efforts of even the most benevolent Confucian leaders, Legalist advisors and Lords remain in power and hold a great deal of control over the lands of Tian. Mohists, Naturalists, Logicians and other schools remain, however, and continue to resist Legalist oppression when it arises. Even Confucian philosophers are sometimes willing to challenge heaven's mandate. Logos has begun trading with Tian, much to the ire of Confucians and Legalists and joy of rebels who aims to subvert the Legalist way of thinking that has gripped the nation for centuries, however even some rebel question Logos' motives enough to aid the government in stopping smugglers.


Imperial City- It is forbidden for all but the Emperor's messengers to leave or enter the Imperial city, but that hasn't stopped people from trying. It is impressive and ancient, more deeply shrouded in myth than the rest of Tian, some residents of Sophos dismiss it as mere legend. Residents of Tian however know better than to dismiss its existance, but little else, even among those who live under the shadow of the great walled city, it is a mystery what exists within. However, it has existed since before the great war of a hundred schools, and the burning of the books that followed. It is suspected among the rebels that the treatise that rests there is enough not only to secure the transcendance of each of the Tianese emperors, as they believe it is currently used for but also to revive each of the hundred dead schools of philosophy and usher in the golden age of creativity that predated the empire.

Farmlands- Since the rise of the empire, the Emperors have all been too afraid of uprising to allow the farmlands to urbanize, leading to a great stagnation of thought that entrapped them for a thousand years. Adventurers travelling Tian will find countless farmlands intermittently oppressed under Legalist rule, being raided or ruled by Rebels or attacked by Monsters. Largely medieval and outdated, however Logosian advancement trickles through

The Black Ports- There are only Three Ports, instantly recognizable by the black flags they fly, open to Logosian Traders, each of these are prime spots for smuggling and trading, with the rest reserved for fishing. These open ports set strict limits for Logosians, requiring them to hold passes at all times and disallowing them to leave designated trading areas without special permission. However, smaller fishing ports are sometimes opened by Rebels for smuggling purposes, allowing adventurers and supplies to seep in.

Forest of Wuji- Bordering Tian as well as the Fantasy lands, most of what is known about this place is entirely rumored. Among the most ancient sites of Deixis, it has seen the rise and fall of countless empires and philosophies, it has been enchanted as to make it near impossible to enter, famously an Army of Legalists entered it, only to exit several hours later at the very point it entered, this is very notable considering not once during the journey did the company make any turns. It is said the only way to enter the forest is through not entering the forest. There are many settlements across the massive forest, the largest being the village of P’u. The villagers live simple and happy live under guidance of the Tao Te Ching. The only rule is one that states they are forbidden from leaving the forest. In the center is a temple, which it is said all souls have once passed through, in an oak tree as old as Deixis itself, however besides it's age there is nothing at all impressive about it, it is gnarled and twisted and rotted. Within it lies a master of Wu Wei, who never speaks a word but is said to be capable of outwitting any opponent with out use of them, a master of Internal Alchemy, and willing to aid those who prove worthy with tutelage and potions. It is rumoured he was alive during the Ancient Age, but fled to this refuge on an ox.

There will be an expansion giving each of these classes a unique and individual skill set, however for now players interested in playing one of these classes will have to settle for an approximation of the core classes with flavour and names changed to better suit the philosophy. It is recommened that players collaborate with their DM to do this;

Apologist-> Confucian
Humanist-> Daoist
Proselytist->School of the Yin-Yang/Naturalist or any religious character
Positivist-> School of Naming /Logician
Utilitarian-> Mohist
Existentialist-> Mahayana Buddhist

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