CRE: 0
CHA: 3
CON: 3

HP: —
Level: 6

These lumbering behemoths will go after whoever crosses their path, often with a net in hand to troll in their victims. Having no serious opinion on the matter, they are impossible to defeat in orthodox debate, and instead the only method to defeat them is not to attack or “Feed” them for a certain period of time.


Generally found in caves and abandoned shelters. They are solitary creatures, though not by choice; a Troll will typically torment anyone foolhardy enough to approach it.


Flame Bait
Ability Type– Standard Action.
Target: Enemy.
Effect: If the target did not use any defence against the Troll’s attack, he will be provoked into attacking the Troll.

Short Attention Span
Ability Type- Passive
Target: Self
Effect: Each turn the Troll is not attacked remove one point of CHA. When the Trolls CHA drops to Zero, the Troll must leave the encounter

Common knowledge

Generally a puzzle boss, most DMs should have an NPC follow the Player Characters along and advise them during the first encounter.

Often found wearing ironic T-Shirts, typically with poorly spelt captions.

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