Undeath Is But A Dream Briefing

Standard Player Character Package:

“Hello [Character],
Your presence is requested in Nilocus. Your questions will be answered there.


Since getting this letter, things have gained a strange sense of unfamiliarity to you. You did not have questions before, but they are emerging now. After much deliberation, you decide to head to Nilocus.

Primary Goals:
Escape. By discovering the origin of the plague & Pandora’s Box.

Secondary Goals:
Find out who is A.
Discover your past.

One Player receives this package. Preferably the most paranoid:

You don’t understand why, but you are getting flashes of someone else’s life, of several people’s lives in fact. At first it was slow, but now you can’t tell which of these memories actually happened. You don’t know what’s at work here, but there’s something sinister.

It in flashes, and the faces are blurred and lost to you, but you recall being a young Logosian Prodigy, where they sent you on an assignment. You remember a friend cursing you for having betrayed him to the IPTC. You remember standing at the front of an expedition with pride. You remember seeing comrades turn grey, and fall victim to the plague one-by-one and you could do nothing to help. You remember betraying your allies, sending them to their deaths. You remember searching for something, then watching your last surviving friend fall as well. You remember being overwhelmed by Somnamberflies and waking up different. You remember a desperate attack and the despair of having lost so much. You remember begging to have your memories wiped, you also remember refusing to ever consider such a thing, and finally you remember accepting but trying to escape at the last moment hiding fragments of all the survivor’s memories before they could be deleted. You can recall a few names, but none are matched to memories.

These names from this past life keep going through your head and you need answers. Every alternating story leads to the center of the plague; Vesperra. With only names, locations and a serious headache, you go out searching for answers. The nearest uninfected location to the plague is Nilocus, you decide to start there. You send out letters to each person from these fragments to come to this city.

At least one of those assholes is fucking with your memories, you’re sure of it, just not which one. As for the rest? They’ll either have answers or more fragments. If nothing else, they’ll be able to supply support for when you make your move. But now the ones behind it know that their plan has been discovered, at least in part.

The die have been cast; your goal is to figure out which who is what, before they discover you and wipe your memory properly.

You are A.

Primary Goals:
Find out who is behind the memory screwing and answers from them.

Secondary Goals:
Escape alive.

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