Undeath Is But A Dream Characters

Mlle Deturenne
Level 2 Humanism
Purpose: Violin Quest, Hospitality.
Secrets: Connections to Franz & Plenty of money. Had short friendship with PC in the past. Introduces herself as needing help in retrieving Violin from Thieves. Once quest is completed, PCs will be rewarded handsomely. Will select one PC to focus the most attention on, both to ask for the quest and to thank, but will not hint at a back story unless asked. Afterwards, she will serve mostly as the friendly host who they can trust. But connections and riches in spite of her poor living conditions may be used to throw suspicion on her.

Level 6 Existentialism
Purpose: Red Herring/Fool.
Secret: The unknowing holder of Pandora’s Box. Has no idea what he’s doing, but will offer you a carrot and ask if you’ve seen his friend [Florien]. He will spend most of his time searching, and blissfully ignorant of the situation. May reference an event in a PC’s past only to claim to have contracted amnesia as well and/or claim to have forgotten what he said to the PC. If pressed, he will reveal he did know a PC, but not the one he originally identified.

Level 4 Existentialist
Purpose: Mayhem
Secret: None. Will introduce himself during the Violin quest, offering the players direction, in exchange for a cut of the Treatise. Generally will do whatever is necessary to either advance the plot or throw the heroes into a red herring. This character should hint towards Red Herrings, then [once uncovered] hint towards a combination of those and [some limited] truths. Will hint at the letters from Mr. A, but at most reveal that they aren’t the only ones who received them [but not admit or imply himself as having received one].

Mr. Nakset
Level 10 Existentialist
Purpose: Barricade Town.
Secret: After Lemmington. Hired PCs. An Official dressed in an intimidating great coat. With a cool, intimidating demeanor. Claims his days of “Super-hero-dom” are long past but he regards them with fond nostalgia. He is there to investigate a “Cat-thing”. Though, when something interesting happens, he’s quick to forget that. He has a chainshaw and sees the oncoming last man plague as “Just like the good old days”. However, he will order the town barricaded to slow last man advance & prevent escape to slow spread. He will reveal that one [or two] PCs were employed by him in the past, but not unless asked. His knowledge beyond minor details is minimal.

Fredrick Grean
Level 5 Existentialist
Purpose: Red Herring/Distrustful Local
Secret: None. Highly distrustful of others. He is openly distrustful and misanthropic of the party, and everyone else. Will suggest highly pragmatic but unpopular solutions. Especially if it involves offing a Party member.

Level 3 Existentialist
Purpose: Revealing backstory of random character.
Secret: Alternate Character Backstory Bodyguard of Mr. Nakset. He will be openly distrustful towards the PCs, particularly one for no reason. If pressed for a reason he will reveal that the character betrayed him during their time in the army/mercenary work/other. He will insist absolutely that it is indeed the character. Even when friendly with the PCs, he is sarcastic & jaded.


Purpose: Cause of the last man plague
Secret: connected to each of the characters in their previous lives. Once the PCs put the pieces together, and figure out what is happening: False Memories, Pandora’s Box, The Plague and the Legend of Vesperra. He will appear, filling in the necessary blanks. He is the final boss.

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