The technological, cultural, and government capitol of Logos. A massive city, it has a sort of flowing architecture to it, and hints of Itzamnian influences in design. Floating buildings, mag-rails, and other innovations of technology are not in anyway uncommon here, if a creditable scientific theory supports a technology, it will probably be found here.

Major Buildings

-Nihilist Coliseum= If you want to test your skills, this would be the place to do it in. The Coliseum can play host to hundreds (some say thousands if the owners wanted to unlock the floating and extra dimensional viewing boxes) of people. The play area itself morphs, and it's exact area is uncertain, but it seems able to create mazes, battle-fields, different environmental zones, and replications of almost any known location on the continent. It also creates solid-light holograms ((if anyone can come up with a better idea, please tell me, this one feels shaky too me)), of any known kind of monster, the actual items though are provided by the owners of the Coliseum, who can quite easily buy anything they feel is an appropriate reward for their players.
-Spires of Reason= The capitol building of both the country of Logos, and the city of Utopia. It is located in the center of Utopia, and towers over all other buildings. The Council of Logic meets here once a week to decide on matters of state, this seems rather infrequent, but all members are also renowned scientists and philosophers in their own right, and have work they need to be doing(almost everyone in Logos would agree that such intellectual work is far more important as long as there isn't a crisis going on). It is also the most prestigious university outside of the Valley of Knowledge, and has the most comprehensive library ANYWHERE on the continent, containing multiple copies of almost every book ever written, including holy books (knowledge is knowledge, and charismatic writings are still wrote, and therefore a, for lack of a better word, sacred trust of the Spires' library and to be protected at all costs).
-Celestial Ziggurat= The center of transport and interstellar research in Utopia. It is a hub for mag/grav-rails, shuttles, worm-holes, matter reassembly devices, and any other form of scientific transport you can think of. It also has some of the greatest star-gazing platforms, and possibly the largest and most powerful telescope on the continent. This is usually the first thing visitors see upon entering Utopia, well besides the magnificent view of the city if said visitors take a shuttle, mag/grav-rail, or some other means of physical transport, since this building is located right next to the Spires of Reason, it is the second tallest building, and it's tiered pyramid shape is only more prominent that the Spires because it takes up much more physical area than the Spire actually do.
-The Hospice= The hospital of Utopia, it takes care of all sick people and maintains some of the best medical research in the world, second only to Deep Thoughts' genetics faculties. It also plays host to various gyms, health-food shops, spas, and other such faculties. It's white web like shape is not easily seen, but it is located next to the Spires of reason, symmetrically opposite to the Celestial Ziggurat.
-The Quantum Cafe= The most famous cafe and bar in Logos. Anything, and I mean ANYTHING, can happen here, because the rules of Quantum Mechanics play a large role in this place. Order an orange drink, you could get blue, or red, or any number of other colors. The waiters will give you a strange look if you ask them for something specific, responding simple "I'll try," it's far more common for customers to give them a range of options, increasing the likely hood of getting what they want. This randomness even extends to The Quantum Cafe's physical location, and all the empty lots in the DaVinchi part of the city has been bought by the owners of the cafe, and it can be in any of those locations. It should be noted that the Quantum Cafe is the first building to have been built in the DaVinchi part of Utopia in several hundred years.

Areas (all squares have a statue of the legendary scientist who they are dedicated to built in their center.)

-Einstein Square= One of the three newly built sections of Utopia. Einstein Square, and it's area of Utopia, is right next to the Newton Area of town. It has a statue of Albert Einstein, one of the most famous, if not the most famous, scientist and philosopher in history, built in the center of the square. The Market (which extends through all the different sections and squares of the town) in Einstein square is dedicated to weapons and tools, and is the place of choice for most nanotechnology and other advanced technology.
-Newton Square= The 2nd oldest part of Utopia. It has an undeserved bad reputation, probably derived from the close set allies, not-so-well cleaned streets, and general image created by this old part of town ((kinda like the deeper parts of the French Quarter in New Orleans)). It is dedicated to the Father of Physics, Sir Isaac Newton. The market here is filled with curiosities, old book shops, antique shops, and other oddities ((again, think the French Quarter in New Orleans)).
-Darwin Square= Another of the three new areas of Utopia. This part of the city is dedicated to the scientist who is seen as one of the greatest biologist in history, Charles Darwin. It connects directly onto The Hospice. The market here is more general than most, containing food vendors, beer distilleries, bakeries, groceries, pharmacies, pet stores, potions shops, plant shops, and basically anything else that has to do with living, or once living, things. It is also famed for it's genetics's parlors, want to be a cat girl? fine, go to one of these, get knocked out for a few days, come out with fur, a tail, large ears, retractable claws, slit pupils, and possibly a sex change if you were stupid enough to use a picture to describe how you wanted to look when you came out, and it was of a furry of the opposite sex.
-Freud Square=The last of the three new areas. This part of town is dedicated to Sigmund Freud, a man who truly understood the human mind ((I was thinking of making it for Carl Jung, but I wasn't sure)). It is between the Da Vinchi and Darwin parts of town. There is no real "market" here, but it does contain the majority of the entertainment and recreation areas of Utopia, book stores, minor libraries, movie theaters, regular theaters, and more restaurants and cafes than you can shake a telescopic pointer and/or laser pointer at. This is the place to come for literature, information, and entertainment.
-Da Vinci Square= THE oldest part of Utopia. This section of the city is devoted to Leonardo da Vinci, artist, inventor, philosopher, and scientist, and an inspiration to people for ages to come. This is the artist's part of the city, you can find painters, sculptors, poets, and even a few tinkerers in this part of town. The market, what of it that exists here, sells art, but rarely takes the common currency in payment. Rather, people selling their wares prefer to barter over pieces of art of equal value, and even stories told by word of mouth are considered fair payment, (since you always keep a told story with you, they automatically fill in part of the price since you can't very well take it back, eavesdropping on one of these is considered very rude, and for everyone's comfort they aren't usually told at open air stalls, so stories by word of mouth are fairly rare, if incredibly valuable if they are told well.)
-Residential Areas= There is no one area devoted to living space in Utopia, most people here find cookie-cutter house suburbs taken up by other cities in Logos to be rather dull and unimaginative, if orderly, and so residence is sort of sprinkled around the entirety of the city. Most people live in the same building they work in, since office buildings are also few and far between in Utopia for similar reasons as suburbs.

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