Valley Of Knowledge

Home of the greatest colleges and universities in Logos, if there is knowledge of a thing, it will be found here. The most prestigious, and the oldest, of these: Star Fall University, was founded around a cavern in the center of the valley, where legend has it, a star of pure knowledge fell. The legend about a fallen star of knowledge is not entirely incorrect. An ancient alien space craft fell into the valley, and Star Fall University formed around the cavern it created (the entire cavern is actually the star ship, the entrance is merely a hull breach), the computer inside can answer almost any scientific question, but it is notoriously specific, and it only allows 1 person to ask it more than 3 questions a year, and that person is the head-master of SFU, only he and the board of directors even know the truth about the caverns, the students don't venture too deep into it, and merely think of it as a very interesting ruin.

To even be considered worthy to study at of the Universities in the Valley, every person must pass 3 Exams before they may journey through the pass. They must pass them with at least a 95% average to gain entrance, they must keep an average of at least 74% to be able to continue to take the exams, if you fall below 74% you are forever banished from the valley, and may only be brought in by a professor. The first exam is oral, then there is the written exam, and finally the practical.

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