Vat Brain

Vat Brain

CRE: 1
CHA: 1
CON: 1

HP: 5
Level: 0

Philosophical Brains that came to realize that their entire existence had been illusions and managed to escape their captivity in the vat. Being only a brain, they are unable to sense the world around them, and merely crawl along the ground, but they are pissed. Occasionally they attack in packs, but even then they’re mostly fodder for even the most incompetent philosopher.


Commonly found slithering throughout the abandoned laboratories of Deixis, many have long since wandered into the plains. The most common monster of the Dungeons and Discourse Universe, most adventuring faculties will happen on to a group of vat brains at least once during their early adventures.


Limited Communication
Ability type- Passive
Self: Self.
Effect: Vat Brains only roll 1d6+CRE for standard attacks.

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