This is one of the saddest places in the entirety of Sophos. It's entire population disappeared in an instant, no one knows what happened, but people in Numinos claim they saw a flash of… well… they wouldn't say a flash, it was just a strange wave of "boringness". Anyway, it soon became apparent that something had happened to the Luciferra's Spear, originally a place bustling with life, a trade hub with the southern empires south of the Desert of the Gods. Now, it is lifeless, all color drained from it, and it's people turned into Lastmen. The strange thing is that, unlike most Lastmen occurrences, these seem to have a plan, activity has been going on inside the city. And slowly the same thing has been happening to the settlements near to the newly dubbed Vesperra or "Bearer of Twilight". In an ever expanding circle a vast lifeless zone of pure order and boringness has been forming, the same things happen over and over, and color slowly leaches out of the world the closer you get to the city. The number of lastmen is unknown, but they number in the millions, if not billions. More disturbing than anything else, the circle has recently stopped expanding, and now two prongs are reaching out. one to Numinos, the other to Necrius. Something dark is brewing in Vesperra, something horrendous, boring, and with a single wish to drain all color and life out of the world, making it one massive orderly continuous mass.

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