Name: WhitefireNeo
Level: 10/6
Class: 1st Level Awesomist/ 10^12 and 10^11 Level Saganist
Alignment: Empirical
Qualia: Critical, Witty, Observant, Jovial, Short-Tempered, Tangential
Skills: Procrastination 5, Pragmatism 2, Research 4, Writing Fiction 6, Writing Journal Articles -17
Abilities: Perfect Pitch, Inspired by Muses, Super-ANOVA
Biography: Reinvigorated by the concept of D&Dis, I would love to help craft this world, or at least sojourn within it.
Darkest Secret: Recovering Theist, eats Francis Bacon for breakfast, keeps a fire-breathing, invisible, floating, incorporeal dragon in garage
Favorite Quote: "God is dead." - Nietzsche "Nietzsche is dead." - God

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