Xerxes Von Orphansmith

This is probably all f'ed up/wrong/weird but it's a first pass. Interested in getting thoughts/opinions.

Name: Xerxes von Sixenth Orphansmith the XIX
Level: 1
Class: Existentialist [Atheist]
Alignment: Chaotic Relative

HP: 30
Cre/Cha/Con: 2/3/2
Qualia: Antagonistic, Chaotic Kantian, Sociopathic, Endearing
Skills: Existentialism 2??? (No idea how to do this.)
Existential Dread

Captured Elements: Treatise x2
Items: Pocketwatch, horns, a particularly deadly shade of maroon

From the long illustrious line of troublemakers known as the Orphansmiths. Xerxes delights in disrupting the lives and thoughts of others without caring much about the ends or the means, only in tearing down the maxims of those around him. Despite this he's awfully polite and helpful.
Darkest Secret:
A deep-seated love of tea cozies.

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